Module 2: WHO CARES?

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topic two – drama activity: personal attitudes (continued)

to the teacher

This topic should help pupils to understand the meaning of care and to see more readily where this quality is needed in the family, the school and the local community.

topic development

Ask the pupils what words they associate with care: e.g. love, selflessness etc. and write them on the board.

Also draw up a list of several kinds of people who may need special care eg. people with disabilities, those who are unhappy etc.

role play

Divide the class into groups of 5-6. Give one of the role play suggestions to each group. Let them choose the roles they are each going to play.

If you have plenty of floor space, spread the groups out and ask them to act out the scene showing care. After a few minutes, stop them and ask them to do it showing lack of care. They could also swap roles and repeat the scene if time allows.


If your classroom situation does not allow for this method, give the groups about five minutes to discuss how they are going to do the scene as well as choosing roles. Then ask one group to do their scene in front of the rest of the class with some of them showing care towards the person/people needing it and others not. When the scene is complete, ask each person what he/she felt in the role chosen. Let the class comment and then ask a second group to do a scene until as many as possible have done them.

Role play suggestions

• One of you has just heard that someone you love has died and you tell your friends.
• It is one person's birthday and he/she comes into a room where friends are gathered.

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