Module 2: WHO CARES?

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topic four: personal attitudes (continued)

to the teacher

As in topic three, this topic gives the opportunity to increase the sensitivity of the pupils to those who have particular difficulties or are different in some obvious way in order that they might understand themselves and others better. It is important to remember that whatever the perceived problems there is still the need in everyone to be accepted for him/herself.

The quotes from young people with disabilities (resource sheet 1 - page 13) give valuable insights into their thinking and real needs which are often misunderstood.

If topic three has not been done, it would be helpful to talk about the fact that outward appearances can be deceptive. See if the pupils themselves have experienced being pre-
judged by others because they appeared to be different in some way and how this affected them. Then move on to A. If needed, the World Health Organisation's definitions of disability and handicap can be found at the beginning of topic three.

topic development

A Give the class worksheet 2 on page 12 - What is my attitude? When they have answered questions 1-5c they should pool their ideas in small discussion groups with a report back to the class if time allows.

B Return to the worksheet and answer questions 6-10.

C Give them resource sheet 1 (page 13) 'I have feelings' on which they will find answers to the same questions given by a group of teenagers with various physical disabilities.
What do they notice are the differences?
What is the same?
Does anything surprise them?
Would they now answer any of questions 1-5c differently? Which ones and why?

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