Module 2: WHO CARES?

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These are the answers given to questions 6-10 on your worksheet by teenagers who are learning to live full lives with a disability. Read them and see whether you would now answer any of the questions on the worksheet differently.

6. What is a real friend?
‘Someone who will look beyond your disability and see you for what you are.'
‘A wheel-chair is a real friend.'
'Someone you can talk to if you have a problem. Someone you can trust.'
‘A person who knows what you go through each day and you can tell your problems to.'
‘A person that you can share your problems out openly and they don't think you are bonkers. Also a friend is someone who shares things with you.'
'Someone who understands me and understands what it is like in a wheel-chair.'

7. Do you need others' help? If so in what ways?
'Probably it is when I am dressing and cannot do the top button and cuffs in the morning.'
'If I have a bleed or hurt myself I might need help to have a transfusion or to wheel myself in my wheel-chair.'
'Yes, wash, dress, be lifted, exercise, toilet - mostly I am dependent on other people.'
'The same ways as most people do; but understanding as well as physical help is the greatest need I have.'
'Yes to help me get up hills and be pushed long distances in my chair.'



8. What do you want to be and do in your life?
‘To get married, have children, give my family a rest and give them something special to say Thank you.'
‘l would like to be a normal child and do what a normal child does.'
‘I want to be a champion table tennis player.'
'l want to live in a town with other people.’
‘|’d like to work in a library or work with computers.'
'l want to be a vet and bring happiness to a lot of animals because they need more help than we do.'
'l would like to be able to help people with problems.'

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