Module 2: WHO CARES?

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9 What do you find most difficult?
'I find it difficult to walk up stairs that have a lip sticking out over the edge because I get my foot stuck. It is also difficult to get up and down stairs if there is only a handrail on the right-hand side.'
'Going shopping with friends and resisting the temptation to yell at everyone who stares, "I am human, I have feelings."
‘To get a boyfriend and to walk long distances.'
‘Trying to show my emotions.'
'Getting up in the morning. If I have to let a girl go that I like, I find that a downer.'

10 What gives you the greatest happiness?
‘That I could get a good job and people would be able to take more notice. Also see Liverpool win all the football trophies possibly excluding the World Cup.'
'Playing for a wheel-chair basketball team and supporting Liverpool football team.'
'Having a relationship with boys.'
'Seeing other disabled people getting on in life.'
'Play-fighting with my father.'
'Knowing that whatever happens I will wake up in the morning and it will be a new day. I'll have a bash at living. Making others happy makes me happy. Feeling useful makes me feel happy.'

The editors wish to thank pupils of Lord Mayor Treloar College, Alton, Hampshire for answering the above questions.

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