Module 2: WHO CARES?

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topic five: in the community

to the teacher

This is a project which will require two lessons and information gathering by the class in between. The aim is to find out about the caring professions and the people who do
voluntary work, why they do it, what it involves and what they gain from it.

Over the page you will find the details of some nationally known caring agencies. Before the lesson, it might help to know which of these operate in your local area.

topic development

Discuss with the class about the caring professions. What are they? e.g. Nursing and other branches of the medical profession, social work, the fire service, "lollipop" men and women...

What picture of them is given by:
a) films and television?
b) people you know?
c) local newspapers?

project work

Each member of the class is to interview someone who works in one of the caring professions or does some kind of voluntary work which serves the community. You may have
to help the pupils to decide who they are going to interview.


A visit could be made as a group, to a local hospital or similar institution to see how the caring professions work and to interview people there.

Draw up questions with the class so that they can be written in the space at the top of the questionnaire on page 17 (worksheet 3) in preparation for the interview.


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