Module 2: WHO CARES?

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If the pupils are going out on their own it would be advisable to have the questionnaire stamped with the official school stamp to validate it for those being interviewed. An extra sheet of paper may be needed for long answers.

The questions should draw out:
• why people do these jobs
• what is involved
• how much time they give to it (if a paid job whether they stick to a set number of hours)
• what they gain from it
• what qualities are needed for this type of work

follow up topic

Draw together what has been learnt, especially about people's motives and the personal qualities needed for these jobs.

Make a display or book using the questionnaires with pictures from the local newspapers or photographs taken personally.


national headquarters of some caring organisations

Age Concern England
Room FW 60 Pitcairn Road
Surrey CR4 3LL

Associations of Local Voluntary Organisations for the Deaf
4 Court Hall
Devon EX6 8MA

The Samaritans
17 Uxbridge Road
Slough SL1 1SN

Alcoholics Anonymous
61 Great Dover St.
London SE1 4YF

British Red Cross
9 Grosvenor Crescent
London SW1X 7EJ

Carers' National Association
29 Chilworth Mews
London W2 3RG

Royal National Institute for the Blind
224 Great Portland Street
London W1N 6AA

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