Module 2: WHO CARES?

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topic seven: in the community (continued)

to the teacher

This activity is to help the pupils
a) to realise that ordinary people can make a difference to society
b) to encourage them to think what they could do in their own community by examining one experience of a group in the United States.

The most significant aspect of this is that it is about young people who changed their own attitudes and behaviour instead of waiting for social conditions to change or for others to make a start.

N.B. This story is not about racial conflict. It took place solely within the black community It can therefore be compared with any situation where there are problems.

topic development

Give the class worksheet 5 on page 22 What can I do?

After the questions have been answered in writing, find out who ticked which of the five options in question 1. Talk about these attitudes and what they achieve.
Which methods of bringing about change have they identified? How effective do they think they are, and why?

Hand out resource sheet 2 on page 23 An Endangered species (a newspaper article) for them to read.

question guidelines

Which ways of ending violence and other wrongs are suggested by the experience of the young people in the article?
What did they do to start the ball rolling?
What do the pupils think was written in the letters of invitation to draw such an enthusiastic response from their enemies?
It is important that the pupils now think through where these things apply to their community. Are there practical steps they could take?

Give the following as written work:

What problems can you identify in your community? These may not be as serious as the situation written about in the article An Endangered species or they may be worse, but the point is what you and your friends can do about it. Write down the ideas you have.

After this work is completed, encourage them to share their ideas with each other and help them to initiate some positive action.

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